Klipfolio and the Adwords Connector

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The new Klipfolio Adwords connector

We’ve been working with Klipfolio for some time now, but we were recently asked to build a dashboard using their newly released AdWords connector. Up until the last Klipfolio update the only way to connect to AdWords, was by linking AdWords and Google Analytics and connecting through the Google Analytics connector. Using the direct Google AdWords API allows you access to a larger range of fields and removes the need of integrating with Analytics.

The report our client was after needed to not only look good on screen but also in printed format, as one of the key requirements was for automatic reports to be sent weekly. What they were after was essentially a Campaign Performance Report, with all the standard metrics: Impressions, Clicks, Cost and Conversions.

With the new connector making set-up a breeze, the biggest challenge that we faced was grouping and collating campaigns run by three different advertising agencies. With some long, nested formula and a little bit of brute force, all the campaigns are grouped together and displaying as one. We have even managed to incorporate the AdWords Click-to-Call report into the Campaign Performance report, so the client also sees the number of calls.

With over 54,000 individual records filtering and grouping data by date range and campaign was a necessity, as no one wants to search through that many records looking for what they want.

As a result of this we ended up with three different reports.
1. Campaign performance for all time
2. Campaign performance over a user selected date range
3. Campaign performance over the last 2 weeks compared to the previous period

Each of these reports fill a unique requirement and works as a live, on screen report or can be automatically delivered to users across the business.
If you have business data that you think could be displayed better, get in touch with us to discuss Klipfolio and what it can do for you.

Working with Klipfolio and Adwords