Barlens Wedding and Party Supplies

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Large Custom-Built WordPress System | Advanced Custom Fields | online quoting system | Inspirational Look Book,

The Barlens Project is one of the largest, most detailed and unique systems we have tackled over the last few years. Both Slashdot and our client are very happy with the result.
A custom-built WordPress template plugged into one of our favourite plugins “Advanced Custom fields” (ACF) has turned this very complex system into an easy to use and manage system.

No messy cavalcade of plugins to figure out what does which in the back-end system. No lifetime training contract required here. Propeller heads not required to update any element. Each product, page, post, category and system has been carefully arranged into the back-end using a combination of custom posts, ACF, common sense and a dash of minimisation.

And the Front-end system…. It certainly stands out! Its bold, large individual look grabs your attention, yet gets it point across in an easy to use fashion. Not to mention… Its FAST!

Some features include:

  • Product listing system run through WooCommerce
  • Quoting and Wish-list system
  • A look book / inspiration system, where a user selects their event type and subcategory then can see product ideas and information on that selection (Of course those products are cross referenced with the other parts of the system and can easily be added into their quote)
  • Every element of this website and system gets a unique, unified look that gels together the various sections from Home page to Handy Hints. All VERY easily edited and managed via the WordPress backend system

Lights Lights Lights

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Magazine style product and portfolio showcase

Lights Lights Lights has constantly been featured in the media including such shows as “The Block” for their innovative design and styling expertise.

Elias and Danielle were looking for a visually focused website to promote their unique lighting range and media portfolio. Coming from a design side of the tracks, it had to be a modern clutter free affair, devoid of the many usual staples of website traditions. There distinct lighting range was the hero here, with the idea that prospective users can quickly find and peruse their catalogue in a magazine-based format using their wealth of detailed images.

Apart from the design and development side of things, another big part of this project has been communication and support with the LLL team. Something that has been an issue in the past in dealing with previous development teams. We are very pleased to announce they are happy with the completed job and our service!
This website has been built with WordPress and WooCommerce using a custom-built template and Advanced Custom Fields so they can easily manage content (without juggling with 25 assorted plugins)

Lights Lights Lights

Phebra Pharmaceutical Development and Manufacturing

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Phebra’s goal was to gain ownership of their website, tweak design and enhance current security and content management.

This large highly customised system was rebuilt with a combination of WordPress, Woocommerce and Advanced Custom Fields. Some special additions include:

  • The ability to show custom content and products for a selected Country
  • Three different levels of Front-end logins showing different content based on each login type
  • An online Ordering system.
  • The ability to easily manage content covering all of the above login / country scenarios
  • Must adhere to the many regulations / systems and tight content approval that Australian Pharmaceutical companies are held to.
  • High level of security
  • Users must be able to easily navigate and use this website with a minimum of complexity.

Slashdot and Phebra spent some time nailing down every single element of this project from basic design to the wording of a status message, due to the very strict guidelines set by government regulation. End result -Much rejoice and two very happy parties! It’s fast, secure, and Admins are loving there new Content Management System.

Phebra Pharmaceutical Development and Manufacturing

Victorian Diesel Services

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Victorian Diesel Services had been looking at increasing control over their website from a previously locked in template system.

Our Guru Designer (Will) whipped up a beautiful new theme full of vibrant colourful images that played nicely against Vic Diesel’s logo colours. Thrown in with a new interface, and a stronger emphasis on what, why and where. We would have to say this is the nicest Diesel Mechanic website in Australia… Perhaps the Universe 😉

We also have to mention the beautiful new admin system and custom-built WordPress theme. Like most of our themes we heavily use the plugin Advanced Custom Fields which makes using our Admin system an absolute breeze.

LG Creative Projects

Edge Commercial

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Edge Commercial have been looking at a new website to tie themselves closer to there spiffy new identity makeover.

Using a combination of brochures, new logo and project images passed on from Joseph and his team, we managed to completely transform their tired old Flash Driven website into a modern masterpiece built on WordPress and Advanced Custom Fields.

Edge Commercial

LG Creative Projects

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Luke and Anthony had been using a Square Space website for some time and were receiving very few leads. The design was fine; however the layout and content were lacking in relevance.

Sitting down with our designer we rebuilt their website in WordPress refocussing on their core business: Bathroom and Kitchen renovations. Also; adding much more prominence to their stunning completed projects whilst emphasising prospective users to call / contact.

The new website made an immediate difference with real leads coming through via phone and email almost immediately.

LG Creative Projects

Conview Victoria

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Conview Victoria have been looking for a new website to promote their supply and manufacturer of Chinese made steel. One of most important factors for Sharon and the team was our ability to clearly communicate and understand their needs based on their limited English skills. This process covered design, coding and content creation (covered in part by our dedicated SEO Team through Digital Elder).

Sharon is very pleased with the final outcome of this project and the high level of service we have passed through to herself and business partners.


Horizon Access

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Tony of Horizon Access was looking for a modernisation of their existing product listing website. A visual improvement with the all important responsive design for mobile phone use. Not to mention an improvement of the back-end system, where it was easy to update and mass import further products from spreadsheets.

Using existing product and category information we imported / created and configured a fully customised WooCommerce System template containing thousands of products.

Containing a customised product listing, detailed product information, downloadable files, product charts, news posts, search facility and much more.

Horzion Access

Complete Dog Training

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Dietmar has been looking for a colourful modern website that promotes his training services and ties into the “fun” positive process he uses in his lessons. This is what we came up with… And we are pleased to report that both Dietmar and Kath are very pleased with the end result!

This WordPress website used a custom designed template combined with Advanced Custom Fields that allow the client to easily update page content and services.


Gentle Folk eCommerce store

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From standard html site to WooCommerce store

Having previously built a website for Gentle Folk wines we were very happy when they decided it was time that they delved into the world of eCommerce and started selling their great range of award winning wines online. We immediately thought of WooCommerce and WordPress to build the site due to the flexibility of the system and the sheer number of plugins available to get even the most complex of jobs done. The site showcases all the new wines available and allows for the purchase of mixed dozens as well as individual bottles. It’s integrated very nicely with eWay for the payment gateway.

The site is simple,effective and responsive. What more could you want?

GentleFolk Wines eCommerce