Why should you use WordPress for your Website?

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Here’s ten reasons why you should use WordPress for your business website in 2016

In no particular order here are ten very convincing reasons why you should be using WordPress CMS and Slashdot Web Development to power your business website this year

Coming in at #10: It’s easy to learn, easy to use and easy to master

If you have ever created a document using a word processing program like Microsoft Office then you can create a WordPress page. It has a nice easy to use and understand interface and using any number of great visual editing plugins you’ll be dragging and dropping images into you articles, adding sliders, content and features to your website in no time. At Slashdot Web Development we even give you full training on how to use it when you have your site developed with us!

At #9: It’s Open Source…which basically means it’s free to use!

Thousands of very talented people around the world have taken the time to build WordPress.  Open Source software comes with freedom for you to use, modify, build upon, and redistribute the software in any way you like. There’s no licence fees to pay to any one to use the main platform of the software. At Slashdot Website Development we love to actively engage with the WordPress community to find out new and better ways of doing things. We make sure you get the full benefit of this when you choose to have your website built by us.

Sitting at #8: Amazing Functionality

As soon as you install WordPress it comes with some amazingly powerful functionality; blogging, commenting, dropdown menus and so much more. With  just a few more clicks you can add plugins that bring even more  functionality to your site. There really is no limit when you have a web development team behind you that can help you realise your ideas and turn them into web powered reality. We can build you a website from scratch, redesign your existing site or simply build you a plugin to add the functionality you want.

At #7 we have SEO Friendliness

WordPress is optimized for search engines right out of the box. For more fine-grained SEO control, there are plenty of plugins that can do this for you. Google loves WordPress. Your WordPress dashboard will show you exactly how your site is performing and what you can do to get your site zooming through the rankings.

Mobile Friendliness at number #6

WordPress does a fantastic job of being mobile friendly when you have the right design applied to your site. It’s blazingly fast architecture means your site appears and and acts like a mobile site should enabling you to keep your customers on your site and getting you the results you are looking for.

Everybody else is doing it, so should you at #5

With over 75 Million websites being powered by WordPress at the moment you will be sitting in great company. From Walt Disney Company to Herald Sun, from Vogue to Toyota, some of the biggest brands on the planet rely on WordPress to power their online web presence.

At #4, Security, Security and Security

WordPress is developed with security in mind, so it is considered quite safe and secure to run any website. However, just like the real world, the internet can be an uncertain place. A number of real-time plugins help you to monitor your site, leaving you safe in the knowledge your site is being protected from attack. With Automatic Background Updates for Security Releases WordPress is your source for peace of mind web development.

At #3 it’s the sheer Flexibility of the CMS

With WordPress, you can create any type of website you want: a personal blog or website, a photoblog, a business website, a professional portfolio, a government website, a magazine or news website, an online community, even a network of websites. You can make your website beautiful with themes, and extend it with plugins. You can even build your very own application.

Easy User Management at number #2

You don’t always want to give everyone  the same access to your website. Administrators manage the site, editors edit content and  authors and contributors write that content, and subscribers have a profile that they can manage so they can see your content. This lets you have a variety of contributors to your website, with different access for different people.

Plugging away at #1 is Plugins

WordPress comes packed full of features for every user, for every other feature there’s a plugin directory with thousands of plugins. Add complex galleries, social networking, forums, social media widgets, spam protection, calendars, fine-tune controls for search engine optimization, and forms. We can even build new plugins for you that do exactly what you want it to do. Adding functionality to your site could be as simple as plugging in a plugin and configuring it for you. Wed Development doesn’t always need to be an expensive thing!

If you need anymore reason to use WordPress CMS for your website, give us a call on 03 9998 2543 today or get in touch!


Domain Name Renewal Scams – A Warning!

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$245 for a Domain Name? What?!

If you have received an invoice for a domain name that’s very similar to one you already own but ending in .net.au and with an extortionate price you can pretty much guarantee that it’s dodgy. We’ve noticed a marked increase in the number of our customers that are receiving the invoices through the mail asking them to pay for a domain name that they either don’t need or don’t own. This scam seems to have been going on for a number of years and even has a customer alert put out about it from auDA, the governing body in charge of .au domains.

How can I tell if it’s a scam?

There’s a number of things you need to look for if you receive on of these invoices. The first thing is the price. As an example we charge $10 per year for a .net.au domain. If you are paying $245 for a domain then you are paying too much. The second thing to look for is if the ending of the domain matches the one you already own. Is it showing a .net.au instead of .com.au? If so, then it’s probably a scam. The third thing to look for is if the invoice comes from the company that you already use to purchase your domains. If it’s not then you can guarantee it’s just a fishing expedition from the company sending out the invoice.

Companies registering your brand in China?

Another variation of the scam that we are also seeing more of lately is the Chinese Domain Name Scam. This is where you receive an email like the one below suggesting that somebody is trying to register your brand in a domain name in China. Ignore it, it’s nothing but scare tactics trying to get you to register a domain name that you generally don’t need.

An example of one of the emails we have seen

Details have been removed to protect the innocent

From: “Stephen Ma”<ma@nrecn.org>
Subject: General Company Matters “*************”- Domains And Network Brand Registration Application
Date: 21 October 2014 5:43:42 pm AEDT
To: “info”<info@************.com.au>

(This is a very important case, so please transfer this email to your CEO or appropriate person. Thanks a lot.)

Dear CEO/Principal,

We are the department of Asian Domain Registration Institution in China. Here I have something to confirm with you. We formally received an application on October 20, 2014 that a company claimed “PliueHing Company” were applying to register “*****************” as their Net Brand and some “************** Asian countries top-level domain names through our firm.

Now we are handling this registration, and after our initial checking, we found the name were similar to your company’s, so we need to check with you whether your company has authorized that company to register these names. If you authorized this, we would finish the registration at once. If you did not authorize, please let us know within 7 workdays, so that we could handle this issue better. After the deadline we will unconditionally finish the registration for “PliueHing Company” Looking forward to your prompt reply.

Best Regards,

Stephen Ma
Senior Consultant Manager

If you are ever in doubt about the legitimacy of an email or invoice we’re always happy to take a look for you.

Beware of Domain Scammers

How do you split a large text file up?

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Working with big .txt files

This week we had to work with a fairly large text file weighing in at over 220mb and containing over 1.9million records from NZ Post. I found that even the 64Bit version of Microsoft Excel wasn’t very happy dealing with that many records in one go. The best and quickest solution for us was to split up the original text file in a number of smaller files, import and edit them in separate sheets and then combine all the edited records in a single sheet ready to save to .csv format. There are number of great programs on the market that can do this for you but we found that Gsplit worked really well for this particular job. It had one great thing going for it from the outset which was the price, Free. I think the program is usually used for splitting large files up into smaller pieces for nefarious purposes (filesharing films etc) but in this case it works really well splitting up the text file and automatically putting a new header into each file. It took seconds to split up the file smaller 45mb files which were easy to import and work with in Excel.

The GUI was (fairly) simple to use. I did manage to split it up into the wrong format once or twice but that was mainly because I didn’t take notice of the very obvious instructions, so more user error and than product error.

All in all would definitely recommend.

Gsplit Text File Splitter

Is Mobile Friendly important?

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If you own a website or are doing research on having a website built you have probably had the words Responsive Design thrown at you from all angles. Responsive design is merely an approach to design to make sure that your website gives the user a great experience whether they are looking at it on a desktop computer, a tablet or a mobile phone. If you look at our website on a mobile phone you will still get all the information that you get when you look at it on a desktop computer, but you’ll find it in a format that fits on your screen, runs quickly and allows you to navigate around in an easy to read way.

Why is Responsive Design Important?

If you take a look at the stats on Browser Market Share in October 2013 to Oct 2014 you can see that,at a bare minimum, 15% of internet users are using mobile devices.

This doesn’t take into account that some of the Chrome and Firefox users may also be on a mobile device. Another even more compelling stat comes from Our Mobile Planet where we find that 90% of smartphone users in Australia use the internet on their device everyday. When you consider that 65% of the total population own or use a smartphone, that statistic becomes even more relevant and shows exactly why you need to consider responsive design for your site.

If a potential customer visits your ‘non-responsive’ site on their smartphone and they can’t get to the information they need, they have two choices; visit your site again later on a desktop computer or go to a competitor that does have an easy to navigate site. I know which one I’d prefer! You are potentially losing out on customers simply by not having an easy to browse website.

How do I tell if I my site is responsive?

The easiest way would be to visit the site on your smartphone. Does the experience change compared to your desktop site? Is it easy to navigate. If you were your own customer would you be able to find what you are looking for?

The second way would be to use Google’s recently introduced Mobile Friendly Tool to see how the search engine sees your site. There’s rumours that Google may even give you a rankings boost if your site is deemed Mobile-Friendly. This makes it even more important to ensure your users have a great experience!

Right now if you get us to check your Mobile Friendliness, you’ll receive a free SEO Site Audit report worth $150. Simply click here to get started.

Are you Mobile Ready?