Is Mobile Friendly important?

By 11/20/2014Slashdot Blog

If you own a website or are doing research on having a website built you have probably had the words Responsive Design thrown at you from all angles. Responsive design is merely an approach to design to make sure that your website gives the user a great experience whether they are looking at it on a desktop computer, a tablet or a mobile phone. If you look at our website on a mobile phone you will still get all the information that you get when you look at it on a desktop computer, but you’ll find it in a format that fits on your screen, runs quickly and allows you to navigate around in an easy to read way.

Why is Responsive Design Important?

If you take a look at the stats on Browser Market Share in October 2013 to Oct 2014 you can see that,at a bare minimum, 15% of internet users are using mobile devices.

This doesn’t take into account that some of the Chrome and Firefox users may also be on a mobile device. Another even more compelling stat comes from Our Mobile Planet where we find that 90% of smartphone users in Australia use the internet on their device everyday. When you consider that 65% of the total population own or use a smartphone, that statistic becomes even more relevant and shows exactly why you need to consider responsive design for your site.

If a potential customer visits your ‘non-responsive’ site on their smartphone and they can’t get to the information they need, they have two choices; visit your site again later on a desktop computer or go to a competitor that does have an easy to navigate site. I know which one I’d prefer! You are potentially losing out on customers simply by not having an easy to browse website.

How do I tell if I my site is responsive?

The easiest way would be to visit the site on your smartphone. Does the experience change compared to your desktop site? Is it easy to navigate. If you were your own customer would you be able to find what you are looking for?

The second way would be to use Google’s recently introduced Mobile Friendly Tool to see how the search engine sees your site. There’s rumours that Google may even give you a rankings boost if your site is deemed Mobile-Friendly. This makes it even more important to ensure your users have a great experience!

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Are you Mobile Ready?